How to Pack Light(er)

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted, but I’m back today with a post everyone can relate to: Packing for a trip. I’ve been traveling a lot the few weeks, and I’ve got packing my bathroom and beauty essentials down to a “T”. Now, I am by NO means a light or minimalist packer compared to some others (though I am better than I used to be), but I do make an effort to pack the things I will actually use, and I try to be as compact as possible. I’ve been working this morning on packing for a flight to my future sister in law’s bachelorette party this weekend (I’m so excited!), so I thought I’d share some of my tips and tricks and let you see all the junk treasures that I pack!

All the cosmetic bags I use to keep me organized while I travel!
All the bags I use for makeup, hair, showering, and general toiletries
The Simple Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes are awesome and so handy for traveling! And yes, I use men’s deodorant. It smells sooo good! And it works!


Isn't this tiny razor so cute?! Totally a gimmick, but so cute!
Isn’t this tiny razor so cute?! Totally a gimmick, but so cute!
I just got this new bag from Herschel. It holds so much stuff!
I like this bag for all of my hair essentials. It also holds a travel hair dryer and my small makeup mirror!

For this trip, I am checking my bag with the airline since I need to pack more than will fit on a carry on, so I don’t have to worry too much about the size of my beauty products. Still, I went with a lot of small/travel sized products to help save on space, ’cause a gal needs a few outfit options!

I like to start packing my bathroom stuff a day or two before my trip. Then I will use only what’s in my makeup bag to get ready from. This helps me notice if I’ve forgotten something important (like mascara!), or if I there’s anything extra I can weed out.

Designate a cosmetic bag or pouch for everything. I find it is easier if things are in pouches rather than one giant bag. I have a pouch for makeup, hair products, shower necessities, and general toiletries/skincare. This is nice because I can just grab one bag if I’m headed to the shower. It also makes it easier to pack in my suitcase because I can fit them in the nooks and crannies. This system even works great for things like head phones and chargers or anything that is small and may be floating around in my purse.

I have found that having two small bags for makeup works great. In a smaller pouch, I have all of my long, thinner items, such as eyeliner, mascara, eye brushes, lip gloss, and concealer. In the larger pouch I have my face brushes, foundation, BeautyBlender, setting powder, eyelash curler, and setting spray. Packing this way keeps me from having to dig around in a giant bag searching for my eyeliner.  (For this trip, I actually ended up fitting most of my makeup into the pink Kate Spade pouch and tossed my foundation, brushes, and eyelash curler in my grey bag.  #winning)

Pack only what you truly need! This part is easier said than done, at least for me anyway. Pack only what you use on a daily basis. I probably won’t need makeup for a smoky eye, a bright lip, contouring, or three different blushes. I pack what I need for my daily glam, but no more than that. As for skincare, I go with the most bare bones skincare that will still keep my skin happy. I packed makeup remover wipes, serum, eye cream, sunscreen, and using my makeup primer as my moisturizer during the day. Do keep in mind that traveling can dry out your skin, so do plan for that. For showering, I grabbed a travel sized bar of soap. I can wash my face and body with that. I did pack a small face wash, but that is mainly for when I wash my makeup off at night to make sure I get my face super clean.

Utilize your sample stash! This is a great way to save space. I love digging through my makeup and skincare stash and pulling out all my deluxe samples I’ve hoarded from Sephora Play boxes, gifts with purchase, etc.  If you don’t have many sample makeup items, that’s ok, just maybe choose items that have more compact packaging or can be used for more than one thing, for example, use a light shimmery eyeshadow for highlighter and bronzer for eyeshadow. I had some sample face masks in little packets and threw those in just in case my skin really acts up, though I really won’t have time for a spa session.  I also like hit up the travel size areas at Target, Sephora (aka the Aisle of Doom), and Ulta to grab travel sized items of my favorite products. I made sure that all of my hair products are travel size because it saves so much space! Yes, travel size items can be more expensive, but they are worth it while traveling. I also like to reuse the containers and refill the bottles when I can or buy those small empty containers and fill them up with my own products.

Hopefully this helps for the next time you are packing up for a trip. Happy travels!


P.S.  Here’s the link to the Herschel bag.  The others were either gifts with purchase or old and unavailable.