Top Makeup Brushes

The key to easy and beautiful makeup application is a good set of makeup brushes. If you’ve ever watched a makeup tutorial on YouTube, you may think you need every kind of brush they use to recreate their look. But guess what? You only need a handful of brushes to apply makeup to your entire face and here they are! You can definitely add more brushes, but these are the ones I think are all you need. And, the majority of my brush picks are very reasonably priced and can be used in more than one way. I have mostly Sigma brushes in my collection. They are amazing quality and their prices are amazing. I’ve had some for three or four years and they still are in great shape. If you take good care of your brushes, they are definitely a good investment to make.

-MAC 239-


This brush is used to pack eyeshadow onto the lid. It picks up the perfect amount of product and doesn’t leave a mess all over your lid. Another alternative is the Sigma E55. This brush is slightly wider and has thicker bristles, but it does a great job as well.

-MAC 217-


Where do I start about my feelings toward this brush? This is my all-time favorite brush, ever! I use this brush to blend shadow into the crease and to apply a slightly darker shade to the outer V of my eye. The bristles are a little more densely packed than other blending brushes, but I prefer this brush because I can apply the eyeshadow exactly where I want it. An exact dupe for this brush is the Sigma E25, and it will save you some money. I have both brushes and use them interchangeably and don’t notice a difference in them except that the Sigma brush does tend to fluff out a little more over time, but it still works great.

-Sigma E30-


I love this little pencil brush. I use it to apply highlight to the inner corner of the eye and to blend eyeshadow along the bottom eyelashes. You can also use it to apply shadow to the outer V of the eye if you want a more intense look.

-Sigma F35-


This is called the Tapered Highlighter brush. If you use highlighter, this brush is a definite must have. I use it to apply highlighter to the tops of my cheeks, Cupid’s bow and down the bridge of my nose. This brush can also be used to set your under eye concealer with powder.

-Bobbi Brown Blush Brush-


I’ve used several kinds of blush brushes (try saying blush brush five times fast!) and this one is my favorite. Yes, it is pricey, but I don’t mind investing in a little more expensive brush on occasion.   I love how it’s dense, but fluffy and makes blending blush easy to apply. If you don’t want to invest in the Bobbi Brown brush, then try the Sigma F40. It isn’t a dupe for the Bobbi Brown one, but it is still a great brush. The F40 can also be used to contour with. I’ve never tried the Sonia Kashuk brushes, but I’ve heard that the blush brush is really good, and less than $20 at Target.

-Sigma F23-


I talked about this brush in my first post, and I just had to include it again. This brush makes applying bronzer and contour so easy and quick. You could also use it to apply blush as well! I love this brush so much that I now own two of them!

-Sigma F20-


Everyone needs a large fluffy powder brush in their collection. This brush can be used to apply setting powder and bronzer and is also great to have around to blend out your makeup, say when you get a little heavy handed with the blush, like I like to do!

Your fingers also are a great tool to use when applying makeup. They’re great for blending in foundation and concealer because they warm the product, helping it blend better into the skin. You can also use your finger to apply and blend powder and cream eyeshadow. Just make sure you use clean fingers to apply your makeup to help minimize the chance of breaking out.

When you are shopping for makeup brushes, you may see that there are synthetic brushes and natural bristle brushes made from various animal hair. The main difference in the use of the two types is that synthetic brushes should be used when applying cream or liquid products because they won’t absorb the product like a natural hair bristle will. Synthetic brushes can be used with powder product too, but I think natural bristles work a tad better with powder products.

I also think everyone needs a BeautyBlender, but my love for that makeup sponge is so deep and so real, it will need its own post! Stay tuned for that one!