Best Products for the Man in Your Life

Hi, I’m John Doe and would like to remain completely anonymous as to not let word get out I’m writing a post for a beauty blog. I would like to thank Lauren for allowing me to be the first person to write a guest post on her blog, she’s an awesome woman, her husband’s a lucky man, and he’s a manly man…definitely wouldn’t be caught posting on a beauty blog. I felt like it was about time this blog had a little testosterone added to it and with Father’s Day fast approaching I decided to put together this gift guide for the father in your life, they’re all products I use and would vouch for. Oh, and I’m pretty sure they won’t get anyone’s Man Card revoked either for being too…let’s say sissy

The RazorPit


When I first saw this thing advertised it sounded too good to be true; claiming it could prolong the life of your razors and save you a few bucks on not having to constantly buy new ones. Well if your man’s whiskers grow like grass in May, and he’s throwing out dull razors faster than you can buy them then the RazorPit will definitely help solve that problem. About 2 years ago, I decided to give it a try and I’m definitely a believer in it now. I think it cleans the blades more than it sharpens them, but no matter how it does what it does it just works. Mine has easily paid for itself, and I hardly ever have to buy razors…probably only buy them 2 or 3 times a year now. I’ve used it on both cheap and expensive razors and found it works well on both. Your man wants one, he needs one, get him one.

Jack Black Skin Care


This line of products has convinced me that putting a little more effort into taking care of my skin is definitely worth it. Jack Black makes a lot of different items, but for me I really like their Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser, Double-Duty Face Moisturizer, Face Buff, Beard Lube, Post Shave Cooling Gel, and Hand & Cuticle Cream. All of these leave my skin feeling good and smells pretty good too. They offer a travel bag containing several different items that I recommend trying out to get a nice mix of their products to try, this is what my wife first got me to try and it got me hooked.

Tangle Teezer hairbrush


This is a pretty handy little hairbrush. It fits well in your hand, feels good on your scalp, and is easy to pack if you’re on the go. I think it meets all of the requirements most guys have (fits well, feels good, easy to pack…’nuff said).

Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash


When it comes to soap I like to keep it simple and have something that smells good…but not so good as to overpower the 5 closest people around me. There’s something about that subtle good smell that you just can’t beat…none of those smell ya from 2 blocks away soaps for me. This stuff is just right, and I like that it comes in a giant bottle that lasts forever.

I hope you enjoyed my take on some good man products that I think almost every man would find surprisingly awesome.

Derrick Out! Scratch that!!

John Doe Out!