About Me

Hi, I’m Lauren! Welcome to my blog, Buttercup Loves Makeup! I’m married to a handsome cowboy, and we spend most of our time chasing after our two little cowboys. I’m completely outnumbered, even our two horses, dog, and cat are all boys. Since the men around here don’t particularly enjoy a good conversation about my new favorite lip gloss or the newest eyeshadow palette that is coming out, I decided I needed my own space for some girl talk, hence this blog! I’ve always loved anything to do with makeup, hair and skincare (and shopping) and want a fun place to have discussions about beauty or anything else girly! I want this to be a place of learning, fun, and inspiration. I truly do believe that what is on the inside is what counts, but if makeup helps you feel beautiful, then go for it!

I’ve lived in Oklahoma for over ten years and never want to leave. I love Jesus, blueberry green tea, Cary Grant movies, a good book, under eye concealer, and wearing too much jewelry. My aunt used to call me Buttercup when I was little, so became the inspiration for the name of my blog.


Happy reading!



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