Random Thoughts on a Thursday Afternoon

This is Louie.  He’s the sweetest barn cat ever.

Happy Thursday!  My goal is to give this blog some love again, so I thought I would start with a post of all the random things going through my girly brain:



I am currently OBSESSED with apple cider.  I’ve never been an apple cider drinker, but for whatever reason, I was at Target the other day and thought that I needed some.  Ohhh man!  It was delicious!  And my husband was pretty happy I picked some up too!

I’ve been milking the “athleisure” trend pretty hard lately, but I am proud to say that I’ve worn jeans two days this week!  However, today is not one of those days.

I made the recipe for crockpot BBQ chicken from the Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook, and I don’t think I’ve ever made a BBQ recipe that was this good!  (And easy!)  And the whole cookbook is pretty darn good, as usual!

Has anyone started Christmas shopping yet?  I’ve started working on gift lists, but I have no idea what to get my kids (or anyone else).  We did the whole “something you want, you need, to wear, to read” last year and it worked out great.  They didn’t even mind that I threw everything in a giant box and just wrapped that one! So I think we’ve decided to stick with that again this year!

I’ve been keeping my makeup pretty minimal most days, and I’ve been loving using this eye shadow stick from Laura Mercier in Grey Pearl.  I just swipe it all over my lids, blend with my finger and I’m done!

Last weekend, we painted the boys’ bathroom and our two year old’s bedroom.  Now I want to paint the whole house.  And remodel.  And redecorate.  And maybe win the lottery so I can just hire Joanna Gaines to come and redo the whole place!  (We used Sherwin William’s Agreeable Gray and it looks so good!)

I’ve been excitedly awaiting the release of Emily Ley’s new book, A Simplified Life.  I think it comes out the week of Thanksgiving.  I went ahead and preordered mine off of Amazon, so I will get it on release day.  I love her book, Grace, Not Perfection.  It has spoken to me on so many levels and changed my way of thinking on the life that I want to live and my priorities… and how I want to create a home/lifestyle that makes room for all of the important things.  This new book is supposed to be a hands on book to go with her first book, and gives practical tips on simplifying your life!  I would definitely put these books on your Christmas Wish List, and they also make great gifts!

I need a pedicure.  Badly.  Anyone want to go?

Also, would anyone be interested in a gift guide for the holidays?  Let me know!


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on a Thursday Afternoon”

  1. I really like the part about painting the bathroom and a bedroom, your husband must be a handy and awesome guy! Good post! #louiethecat

    1. He is pretty handy and handsome! Kinda messy when he removes bathroom mirrors though! 😂 Let’s get some cider! Might need to turn our water back on first though… 😉

  2. The decorating bug has hit hard here!! I want all the things!! And I want to come for a pedi! I miss you and so excited you started blogging again!

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