Confessions of a Makeup Junkie

Hey everyone! I’m baaaaccckkkkk!!!!  Today we’re going to have some truth talk. I’m going to share my tips and thoughts on how to keep your makeup stash at a reasonable size, and not waste your money on things you won’t use. Wait. I have a beauty blog, and I’m telling you that you don’t need a lot of makeup?! Yes. I just want to help build your makeup bag to a manageable and useable amount while recommending some awesome products (and helping to avoid the ones that are meh.)

Now, I’ll start off by saying that I still have more makeup than I really need, but it’s currently at a level I feel comfortable with. I’ve found items I truly love and work for me. I’ve attained this through trial and error. I know what shades work for me and how much make up I will use on a daily basis.

A few years ago, I wanted to try ALL the makeup. I used to have all kinds of makeup: eyeshadow palettes for every look, tons of blushes and bronzers, and lipstick or lip gloss out my ears. Sure it was fun to play in and try new things, but after a while, it just got overwhelming. There was too much to pick from, and I felt like I wasn’t making a dent in using up any of it. So I gathered up all my makeup and assessed what I truly use and need to keep around. First, I tossed anything that’s old. Then, I sat down and was realistic with myself. I’m not a huge lipstick wearer; I prefer a bit of lip liner and gloss, so I don’t need 14 lipsticks. Then I looked at my glosses. Which are my all-time favorites? Do I really like this formula? Does this shade really work for me? When was the last time I used this? I did the same things with everything else. I found that I tend to wear a simple, cool toned eyeshadow look with a matte pink blush. Contouring isn’t my thing, so I don’t need a contour kit. I also didn’t need false eyelashes. Or a colorful eyeshadow palette. Or bright pink lipstick.

YouTube beauty gurus love to post 30 minute long videos of their entire makeup collection. All 500 items. It can be fun to look at and say, “Man, how awesome to have all that makeup to play with every day.” But let’s be honest. How old is some of that stuff? It probably isn’t safe to put on your face. And there’s more makeup there than they’d use in a lifetime. If you’re a person that wants a 6 foot dresser full of makeup, that’s fine. I’m just saying that it’s okay to just stick to the basics and what you love, even if it’s just a handful of products. You don’t need 52 lipsticks and 18 eyeshadow palettes to look beautiful.


Don’t get limited edition collections, collaborations, or makeup hype suck you in. Been there, bought that! I generally avoid even looking at limited edition collections because I know that the company is really wanting to sell me this product (or entire collection) based solely on that it won’t be around forever, they’ve only made so many, and I simply cannot miss out on that super cute limited edition packaging. To me, if it’s that good, make it part of the permanent line. This also goes for any makeup line that sells out in five seconds online. Think to yourself, “Am I doing this because I legitimately want this item, or because of the thrill of hunting down and bringing home that lip gloss that everyone is wanting right now?”

I think the “Free Gift with Purchase” items or bags can also be a tricky little trap. Now if you’re at your favorite makeup counter restocking up on your foundation and mascara and there’s a free gift bag, go for it. But think hard about buying something just because you get a free gift. This one is one that I have to really watch myself on. I love tiny size samples and trying new things, so I think to myself that it’s perfect! But if I’m spending my money on something I don’t really love, then it isn’t worth it.

Have you ever found a lip gloss or blush that you LOVE and think to yourself, “This is amazing. I need it in every color!” While there might be another color or two that you like, you probably won’t love them as much as the first one you bought. The reason there are different colors is so that everyone can find one that suits them. If you enjoy trying new colors, maybe make yourself use up an item before you try a new shade.

Another tip is to have list of exactly what you are on the hunt for when you walk into a makeup store or approach the makeup area at a store. This will help keep you focused on what you need and not walk out with impulse buys. I have the Sephora app and use the “Loves” section to make a list of the things I want to look at when I’m in the store. I also keep a list in my Notes on my iPhone. I tend to think of myself as a seasoned makeup shopper, and I still get overwhelmed with everything when I walk into a store, so this makes it easier for me to stay on track and make it out with what I need.

Here are some questions that I ask when I’m considering buying a makeup item:

Do I already have something like it?

Do I like this more than my favorite (insert makeup item)?

Am I wanting this because it is limited edition, and I feel pressured to buy it right now because I might miss out?

Am I interested in this because it’s the hottest new thing?

Will this item fit in with my everyday makeup routine?

Will this color actually suit me?


And that’s it! Hopefully this helps you guys when paring down your makeup collection or when out shopping. I also use these tips for when I’m shopping for clothes and cleaning out my wardrobe too!





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