Girl Talk: Sunday Evening Edition

Hey people! It’s Sunday evening, I’m looking at my calendar for the week and it’s not looking like a beauty post is going to happen. ? So I thought we could chat about girl stuff.  I’m outnumbered at my house, and my guys try to be a good sport about all my girliness, but really they just want to talk about tractors and tools and dirt and man stuff, so sometimes a little girl talk is nice!

  • I’m addicted to Pandora radio. Specifically anything Red Dirt or Frank Sinatra. I always seem to be more productive with music going. And my oldest’s new favorite song is, “Fuzzy” by Randy Rogers. Not sure if I should be worried or proud his jam is a song about a good night of drinking. 
  • Walgreens now carries Soap and Glory!  I’m excited to have another place to stock up on my favorite hand cream, body wash and scrub. 
  • Don’t forget to wash your new fall scarves. The chemicals in the fabric could lead to a very itchy case of contact dermatitis on your neck, jaw line, and ear lobes. And you know what the doctor will prescribe?  A steroid shot right in the booty. Don’t ask me how I know about all this. 
  • If you love baked potatoes, you need to try the smoked potatoes from Rudy’s BBQ. Top it with smoked turkey and a fountain coke on the side, enjoy, then write me a “thank you” note. (I’ve had two this week, and I enjoyed every bite.)
  • I’m running dangerously low on my can of Oribe Dry Texture Spray. I REALLY love it and want to repurchase it, but I REALLY hate how expensive it is!
  • If you are ink pen obsessed like me, try the Pilot Acroball pens. They are the smoothest writing ball point pen ever!  I do also enjoy the ink pen I got from my dentist’s office, but I don’t know where else you can get those! 
  • I really want a pair of ankle boots. Anyone have a pair they really like for under $100?  (No suede or fringe!)
  • I ran into Ulta today to grab a couple things, and I picked up a Bare Minerals lip gift set, thinking they were nude glosses. Nope. They were matte liquid lipsticks. And they weren’t cute on me. I’m having total buyer’s remorse. That’s what I get for impulse buying!
  • I also went to Victoria’s Secret to buy a new strapless bra to wear with my bridemaid’s dress. It was between one that was totally comfortable but made me look flat chested or one that was more “enhancing” but not quite as comfortable. After a 20 minute dressing room debate, I went with enhancing. We shall see if I made the right decision.  I also walked out with a pair of yoga pants because they’re comfy, and I like balance in my life. 
  • I need to start packing for my brother’s wedding this weekend, and I have a feeling my makeup bag(s) are going to be the bulk of what I bring. Anyone want to have a contest to guess how much makeup I’m packing? My guess is 28 pounds… Also, would you guys like to see a post on what I pack or a post on how I did my makeup? Both? Lemme know!

Welp, that’s all I have! I’m off to watch some Harry Potter with my fellas!  Let me know in the comments what’s on your mind?  Have a great week!


3 thoughts on “Girl Talk: Sunday Evening Edition”

  1. 1. I’m watching Harry Potter as I type this! 2. Yes, I want a post on your wedding makeup! 3. Maybe a post on how you organize your mass amounts of stuff, I need ideas! 4. Love you! ?

  2. Yes!! Soap and glory at wag!! I STOCKED UP! thank you employee discount!!! All females in my life will be getting some s&g for Christmas lol. Def share your wedding makeup post! I’ll be watching for it! 🙂 I just bought THE cutest pair of dansko ankle booties…(I know… Dansko, shocking.) they weren’t under $100 and they do have suede, but dang you can’t beat the comfort! Sorel also has some superrrrrr cute ones that my mom got. I want to live in skinny jeans and ankle boots until April. 🙂

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