Let’s Talk Trash: My Product Empties!!!

Some of my favorite videos to watch on YouTube are ones where people show beauty products they’ve used up and give a mini review. I feel like if you’ve stuck with something long enough to finish it, you can give a pretty good review. Well, good news!  I’ve been hoarding my trash under my bathroom sink over the past few months, and I’m going to show you what I’ve been using up! By the way, does anyone else get a deep sense of accomplishment when you finish up a product completely? I LOVE that feeling!


Up and Up Soothing Body Wash – In the winter my skin gets so dry and itchy, so I like to use a more moisturizing body wash. I really like the Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Relief Body Wash, so I thought I would try this since it is a few dollars cheaper. I really liked it and couldn’t tell a difference between this and the Aveeno one. I will definitely purchase this again when winter hits!

Soap and Glory Clean on Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel and Flake Away Body Polish- I talked about my love for this body wash and scrub two in my very first post! I’ve used up every bit of them and still love them.  I already have new ones in my shower!

Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion – I LOVE this stuff! This is my go-to lotion.  It is thick and moisturizing without being greasy. Most lotions just aren’t quite moisturizing enough for me, but this one works great for me year round. I’ve already repurchased this… in bulk!


Kenra Dry Texture Spray – I’m always sad when I get to the end of one of these! It’s my favorite dry texture spray, and I went ahead and repurchased it, even though I have a couple other brands I’m trying to use up.

Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream – I really liked this cream! It added extra moisture to my hair without being heavy or greasy. I haven’t repurchased it simply because I have other products I need to use up, but I definitely would buy it in the future. And this travel size lasted me probably four or five months!

Kenra 25 Hairspray– This is my favorite hairspray ever. I’ve already mentioned it in my haircare favorites, so I won’t ramble on about it anymore. But I love it, and I repurchased in the biggest size they make!

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask – I got this product in my May Play by Sephora box. I love deep conditioning masks, so I was super excited to give this a try. Honestly, I wasn’t very impressed. It was hard to work through my hair, and I didn’t feel like it added much extra moisture to my hair. Plus the smell was weird. I won’t be purchasing this product, but I’m glad I had the chance to try it!


Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream – This is my millionth container of this stuff, I love it! Even though it’s a cream, it isn’t heavy and greasy and adds the perfect amount of moisture. I’ve already busted into another one of these!

Boscia Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil – I’ve had this product a while, so I figured I needed to work on using it up. I forgot how good it was! I apply a couple pumps to my dry face and work it into my skin. Then I add a little water and it emulsifies into a lather. I rinse it off and then use my face wash. This is a great product and I highly recommend it! It’s super gently and doesn’t sting my eyes. I did repurchase, but in the travel size.

Glam Glow SuperMud Clearing Treatment – I love love love this mask. I like to use it when I have a breakout or my pores are looking rather large. It’s a deep charcoal color and when it dries, you can see it working on your pores. I got this in a gift set around Christmas. I definitely recommend it, but I didn’t repurchase it. This is the smaller sized jar, and I felt like I really had to be consistent about using it because it started to dry out after a couple months. For as expensive as these masks are, I feel like that was a big con. For now, I’m using the face wash in this line!

GlamGlow Gravity Mud Firming Treatment – I got a sample of this a few months ago and tried it and really enjoyed it! It is a peel off mask that’s a pearly silver! It was kinda fun walking around pretending to be the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz. And I do think it firmed and plumped up my skin. I for sure want to use this mask again!

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy lip balm – Fresh skincare products are some of my all time favorites, and this lip balm didn’t disappoint! It did a great job moisturizing my lips without being heavy. I mainly used this in the morning right before I put my makeup on. The only con with this one is that it was a deluxe sample I got in a kit with a few Fresh products, so the bullet was thin and it broke easily, so if you’re interested, just get the full size!


Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Desperation – Urban Decay eyeliners are my favorite!  They glide on smoothly and stay in place all day.  This color, Desperation, is a matte taupey gray, which is right up my alley.  I did repurchase this color; it’s definitely a keeper!

Tarte Opening Act Mascara Primer and Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara– I talked about this lash primer and mascara in my first post and still love them. They were starting to dry up and flake and irritate my eyes, which is a common issue with me, so I had to toss ’em. I haven’t repurchased them because I’m trying other things, but I still think they’re great!

Maybelline The Falsies mascara – A couple years ago this was my favorite mascara. I hadn’t had it in a while, so I purchased it earlier this year. I don’t know if I got a dud tube or it just wasn’t what I remembered, but it was dry and hard to work with and didn’t give much volume. I has so bummed. I think I will hold off on repurchasing this and try other drug store mascaras to see if I can find one that’s better!

CoverGirl Clump Crusher mascara – I’ve recently talked about this mascara too. I love it for my bottom lashes or days when I want a super natural lash. I think this is a great product and have repurchased it already and will continue to!

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer – I’ve had several tubes of this concealer over the past few years and love it. It does a great job concealing without being heavy or cakey. I didn’t repurchase this because I have other concealers I’m currently loving, but I do think it’s a great product!


Hope you enjoying digging through my bathroom trash with me!!!


DIY Lip Scrub!

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to share my recipe for my lip scrub. If you’re planning on wearing a bold or matte lip (or any lipstick), you always want to make sure you exfoliate your lips right before. This is also great to use when your lips are dry during the winter months. I feel like most lip scrubs are a bit expensive for what they do, so I whipped up my own recipe and it works great. And the best part? You already have everything to make it in your kitchen. Let’s get started!

First, I put one teaspoon of brown sugar in a small bowl. Regular granulated sugar works fine too, I just like the brown sugar.

IMG_3385 (3)

Next, add half a teaspoon of olive oil and mix. It will probably look like it needs more oil, but wait, we will fix that! You can use any oil you like, coconut oil would also work great; I just always have olive oil on hand.


Last, add half a teaspoon of honey and mix well. You should have a nice thick mixture. Honey has anti-aging properties and is moisturizing, so it’s perfect for using in a lip scrub.


Now you’re ready to scrub away! Just scoop some onto your finger and rub it over your lips in a circular motion for 20 to 30 seconds, rinse off, and apply your favorite lip balm. I like to use what is left over to scrub my hands too. You could probably cover the container and store it for a few days, but my germaphobe self worries about bacterial growth, so I usually just mix this up when I need it.


If you try it, let me know what you think!

Happy scrubbing!



Today is my 30th birthday! In the past few months, I’ve thought a lot about how much I’ve changed and learned in my 30 years, both in my health and beauty habits and just life in general. I frequently say that I’d rather be 30 than 20. So today, I thought it would be fun to write a letter to my 20 year old self about some beauty and fashion “wisdom” I’ve acquired over the past ten years! Here goes!

Dear 20 year old Lauren,

This is your 30 year old self, in case you were wondering. I just wanted to jump back in time and give you a heads up about a few things!

First, around 2009, you will be shopping at the Bare Minerals store and come across the most gorgeous, shimmery loose powder bronzer at one heck of a deal. Don’t. Just don’t. You have no idea what to do with that bronzer, so you will decide to apply everywhere and you will look like a bronzy disco ball. Day after day, after day. For an entire summer! I still cringe when I think about it!!

Second, don’t wash your hair every day. It isn’t good for it. Go find some dry shampoo and thank me later.

Next, I know you are super busy with school, work and everything else, but take care of yourself. Drink lots of water and wash your face. Do a face mask while you are working on homework or studying.

Eyebrows. They are very important in the overall look of your face. So put down the tweezers and go get an eyebrow pencil and fill them in so you can actually see them!

Also, just because your skin is oily, that doesn’t mean that you should skip the moisturizer. It will actually make your skin more oily. And you should probably set your foundation with powder. That will help too.

You are fair skinned and people will joke about how white you are. Embrace it. Love it. That’s the way God made you! Oh, and since you are so fair skinned, be VERY diligent with the sunscreen!

After you graduate, you will have the time and money to start experimenting with more kinds of makeup. I know it is tempting to want to try ALL the makeup out there, but try to have some restraint. Makeup isn’t good forever and you will be so mad at yourself down the road for being wasteful. (This also applies to hair and bath and body products too!)

Before you turn thirty, you will have the joy and privilege of becoming a mom. For some reason, society gives pregnant women and mothers of small children the idea that once you become a mom, you will never get to wear makeup again, shower twice a week, will look like a hot mess, and that is what you’re supposed to do. I’m going to tell you that’s a load of crap. Getting yourself ready for the day WILL become harder, and you may only get to put a little makeup on, but you can do it! And you need to. Taking a few minutes on your appearance will do more positive things for your attitude and morale on a daily basis than you will realize.

Lastly, always be true to yourself. This applies to every aspect in life, but today I’m directing it toward fashion and beauty.  Buy things because YOU like them, not because it’s the “thing” right now. Invest in a few timeless pieces; you will get way more use out of those than spending money on cheaper, trendier things. You will find your own style, and it will make you happy and confident. Hint: It involves a lot of neutral colored clothes from Gap and J Crew Factory, pinky nude lips, teased hair, and 12 pounds of jewelry.



P.S. The Harry Potter books are bomb. Just go ahead and jump on that bandwagon right now!


My Top 3 Blush Picks

Hi, my name is Lauren, and I’m a blush addict. It’s my Kryptonite of the makeup world. If I’m strolling the aisles of Sephora and a blush even slightly whispers to me that it will make my cheeks glow like Scarlett O’Hara’s in Gone with the Wind, it is more than likely coming home with me. I keep telling myself that it takes a girl forever to go through one blush, so why do I need to buy more? ‘Cause I do, that’s why! I’ve tried many blushes from many brands, so I’ve decided to share my three favorite, “can’t live without” blushes with you today! I do tend to gravitate toward pink blushes because they compliment my skin tone the best, but I have chosen brands that have colors to flatter every skin tone and shade preference.

-Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush-

Tarte Dollface

These are probably my favorite of all blushes. Dollface definitely gets the prize for being my favorite blush for the past few years. It’s a matte light pink that gives my cheeks a healthy glow. I love that I always know this blush will look good on me and help wake up my face when I haven’t slept as much as I would like. Every time I pack my makeup bag for a trip, this is the blush I choose. One thing I love about this blush is that it stays on all day, which is great since I usually don’t touch up my makeup during the day. A little of this blush does go a long way, so apply just a little at a time. If you are interested in trying a Tarte Amazonian clay blush, I would recommend trying one of the matte ones (Exposed is also a favorite of mine); the shimmer in the other ones tends to be a bit chunky in my opinion.

-MAC Powder Blush-

MAC Lovecloud

One thing I truly think that MAC does well are their blushes. I have had several blushes from MAC, but my go-to is Lovecloud. It’s the perfect bright pink blush with a satin finish and is perfect for spring and summertime! One nice thing about MAC blushes is that when you order them online, you can buy them in the compact or for a few dollars less, you can buy them in a magnetic pan and build your own custom blush palette!  (You can purchase a palette from MAC or use a Z-Palette, they fit any brand of makeup!)

Top: Tarte Dollface Bottom: MAC Lovecloud

-Makeup Geek Blush-

R to L: Promise Ring, Love Letter, Secret Admirer, Valentine

About a year ago, I ordered a blush from Makeup Geek and was so glad that I did! I LOVED the color I picked, Head Over Heels. Since then, Makeup Geek has reformulated their blushes, and the shade I have is no longer available. (I thought they were pretty darn good to begin with!) In June they released their new blushes, and they are even more BEAUTIFUL! They have a shade for everyone. Most of them are matte, which I like. I got a little too excited when they released the new ones, and I ordered four. (Told you I have a blush problem!) I have the colors: Valentine, Promise Ring, Love Letter and Secret Admirer. Aren’t the names the best? They are super pigmented and blend beautifully. Promise Ring is my current favorite. It doesn’t look like much in the pan, but it gives the prettiest natural glow to my cheeks. These blushes also come with the option of purchasing them in the compact or in a magnetic pan. I definitely recommend giving these blushes a shot!

Top to Bottom: Promise Ring, Love Letter, Secret Admirer, Valentine
Makeup Geek Promise Ring

Let me know if you liked my Top 3 blushes and want to see more Top 3 picks from my makeup stash!