Tips for “Summer-Proofing” Your Makeup!!!

Ah, summer. Everything is green, it’s flip flop season, you get to spend time relaxing by the pool, and your makeup is melting straight off of your face. If there’s one thing that I hate about summer, it’s that I’m sweating my makeup off by noon. If it’s going to be brutally hot (like it currently is in Oklahoma), and I’m staying home, I will just put some moisturizer and sunscreen on and call it a day. But there are days when I’m headed to work or need to run some errands and want to look presentable. Over the years, I’ve discovered a few ways to help my makeup survive the summer, so that’s what we’re going to talk about today!!

Use a lightweight foundation or BB cream. I love the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Gel. It perfects my skin with a little coverage and has SPF 30, though I still use my Dr. Jart SPF 50 before foundation.  (I recently received the Tarte sunscreen in my Play by Sephora box and like it as well!) I don’t like a lot of foundation on my skin on really hot days because I feel like it accentuates the hot sweaty mess my face already is. If you have really good skin, you could even skip foundation and just use a little sunscreen and concealer! If you have super oily skin, try a mattifying primer before your foundation. This will definitely help keep the oil under control.


Set your makeup. To help absorb any oil and sweat throughout the day, try setting your face with some powder. Even if you are dry and don’t usually set your foundation, I recommend trying this to help keep everything in place. Also consider using a setting spray. They have ones that will keep your makeup in place longer and ones that help with oiliness. My favorite setting sprays are this one by Mary Kay and the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.  They are both made by SKINDINÄVIA, a company whose specialty is setting sprays, so you can’t go wrong with either one!


Use cream products! I like to use a little cream blush or cream eyeshadow and then set it lightly with a powder blush or eyeshadow of similar color or some translucent setting powder.  You can also do this with your bronzer and highlight.  Cream products look natural, and set with a powder will last longer than just powder products alone.


Waterproof mascara!! There is nothing worse than being a hot sweaty mess with raccoon eyes! I love Covergirl Clump Crusher in water resistant. This stuff doesn’t budge on a hot day, but isn’t impossible to remove at the end of the day. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve repurchased this mascara over the past few years. This mascara is more lengthening and give a nice, natural looking lash.  I also love the wand.  It is so easy to work with!


Carry touch up items in your bag. I always have a makeup bag in my purse with some touch up items. I always have some lip balm, gloss, setting powder, and a kabuki brush with me at all times and find that this is enough to keep me looking fresh on the go. I also recommend carrying some oil blotting sheets in your purse, but if you don’t have any and need to freshen up on the go, try using a Kleenex or paper towel! Just gently pat over the areas you’re looking shiny to absorb the oil, and then you are ready to use your powder!


What are your secrets to beat the heat?


Favorite Hair Products

I LOVE hair products! In college my friends would always ask me how I got my hair to style and stay all day/night. And I’d always tell them the key is product! I’ve tried many different products over the years, and I think I’ve finally found a handful of products that I love and work for my hair. I’ve used these products for several years and they work for me whether I’m straightening my hair, curling it, or putting it in a messy bun.
Moroccan Oil


I’ve used Moroccan oil for probably close to five years. It’s a bit pricey, but a bottle does last me a while. When I get out of the shower, I work one pump in my hair, starting at the ends and working whatever is left on my hands towards the root while avoiding the scalp, and then let it set in my hair while I put my makeup on. It adds moisture and shine to my hair without making it oily or heavy. Sometimes I also add a VERY small amount onto my ends on days that I dry shampoo and recurl my hair to add extra hydration and smoothness. (They also make a “Light” version if you have thin or fine hair.) It smells so good, which is a general theme with all of my favorite hair products!
It’s a 10 Plus Keratin


I like to alternate this product with the Moroccan oil, just depending on what my hair needs. I spray it into my hair right after the shower and let it soak in while I apply my makeup. This product is a little more lightweight than the Moroccan oil and it has keratin and a heat protectant.
Kenra Blow Dry Spray


I can’t tell you how many bottles of this I’ve used the past few years! I spray it all over my hair before I blow dry my hair (avoiding the scalp). It is a heat protectant and helps my hair dry faster, which is handy when you have a head of thick hair like I do.
Kenra Dry Texture Spray


I discovered dry texture sprays a couple years ago and they have become a daily staple in my hair styling routine. This one is hands down my favorite.  Texture sprays help add volume and texture to your hair. I like a loose, messy curl, and dry texture spray helps the curls look separated and undone. I also spray it in the roots of my hair before I tease it and it helps hold the volume of the tease. On messy bun days, I spray a little of this into the ends and it helps make my bun look messier and adds volume. Of all the texture sprays I’ve used, this one is my favorite. It isn’t heavy or gritty and it smells AMAZING. I will always have a backup can of this around!
Kenra 25 Hairspray


I bought a travel sized bottle of this to have on my wedding day in case I needed it, and then to throw in my bag to take with me on my honeymoon. After that, I was hooked. These days, I go ahead and buy the 16 ounce can because I know I’ll use every last spray of this bad boy! This hairspray provides the perfect amount of hold without being sticky, crunchy, or heavy. I use this almost daily, it still brings me back to my wedding day every time!
Amika Dry Shampoo


I didn’t discover dry shampoo until about three years ago, and I’m kicking myself for not knowing about it during my college years or my first months of motherhood. Washing your hair daily isn’t healthy for your hair, plus you don’t always have time. I usually try to wash my hair every other day. The Amika dry shampoo does a perfect job of absorbing any excess oil and making my hair feel clean. Other dry shampoos add a little “grit” to help with volume, and I’m not a huge fan because to me it makes my hair feel even dirtier. I also like the Batiste dry shampoos; they come in a variety of scents and you can find them at the drugstore. Though, I don’t recommend trying the one for red hair, unless your red hair is the same shade as Ronald McDonald’s!!!
Wet Brush & Teasing Comb


Hair is very delicate when it is wet, so you don’t want to be too aggressive when you’re trying to detangle it after you wash it. I’ve been using a Wet Brush for a couple years and love that it brushes out my hair and detangles it without pulling on it.
Every gal needs a teasing comb! I use this brush almost daily to tease my hair a little to add volume. I think it is easier to use than a comb and doesn’t matt up my hair so much that I can’t brush through it at the end of the day. I found this little gem at Sally Beauty Supply for less than $5!!

And those are my top hair products!! What are your favorites?


Best Products for the Man in Your Life

Hi, I’m John Doe and would like to remain completely anonymous as to not let word get out I’m writing a post for a beauty blog. I would like to thank Lauren for allowing me to be the first person to write a guest post on her blog, she’s an awesome woman, her husband’s a lucky man, and he’s a manly man…definitely wouldn’t be caught posting on a beauty blog. I felt like it was about time this blog had a little testosterone added to it and with Father’s Day fast approaching I decided to put together this gift guide for the father in your life, they’re all products I use and would vouch for. Oh, and I’m pretty sure they won’t get anyone’s Man Card revoked either for being too…let’s say sissy

The RazorPit


When I first saw this thing advertised it sounded too good to be true; claiming it could prolong the life of your razors and save you a few bucks on not having to constantly buy new ones. Well if your man’s whiskers grow like grass in May, and he’s throwing out dull razors faster than you can buy them then the RazorPit will definitely help solve that problem. About 2 years ago, I decided to give it a try and I’m definitely a believer in it now. I think it cleans the blades more than it sharpens them, but no matter how it does what it does it just works. Mine has easily paid for itself, and I hardly ever have to buy razors…probably only buy them 2 or 3 times a year now. I’ve used it on both cheap and expensive razors and found it works well on both. Your man wants one, he needs one, get him one.

Jack Black Skin Care


This line of products has convinced me that putting a little more effort into taking care of my skin is definitely worth it. Jack Black makes a lot of different items, but for me I really like their Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser, Double-Duty Face Moisturizer, Face Buff, Beard Lube, Post Shave Cooling Gel, and Hand & Cuticle Cream. All of these leave my skin feeling good and smells pretty good too. They offer a travel bag containing several different items that I recommend trying out to get a nice mix of their products to try, this is what my wife first got me to try and it got me hooked.

Tangle Teezer hairbrush


This is a pretty handy little hairbrush. It fits well in your hand, feels good on your scalp, and is easy to pack if you’re on the go. I think it meets all of the requirements most guys have (fits well, feels good, easy to pack…’nuff said).

Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash


When it comes to soap I like to keep it simple and have something that smells good…but not so good as to overpower the 5 closest people around me. There’s something about that subtle good smell that you just can’t beat…none of those smell ya from 2 blocks away soaps for me. This stuff is just right, and I like that it comes in a giant bottle that lasts forever.

I hope you enjoyed my take on some good man products that I think almost every man would find surprisingly awesome.

Derrick Out! Scratch that!!

John Doe Out!

Lauren’s Loves – May

Hey everyone!  I wanted to share some products I really loved during May (and still do)!

Makeup Forever eyeshadow in I526 – I originally purchased this eyeshadow over a year ago to test out the new eyeshadows by Makeup Forever. It’s a gorgeous iridescent pearl beige. I use this color pretty much daily as my all over lid color. It brightens up my eye, the formula super pigmented and buttery, and wears really well. I think that this would also be a gorgeous cheek highlight. Right after I hit pan on my original one in May, I dropped it on my bathroom floor and broke it. I love this eyeshadow so much that I didn’t hesitate on immediately ordering a new one!


Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer – I picked this up in May because I heard YouTuber Mallory Ervin raving about it! First off, it smells like coconut suntan lotion (others have described it smelling like pina colada). I don’t know about you, but nothing gets me in the mood for summer like bronzing my face with a bronzer that actually smells like summer! This bronzer adds a natural glow to your skin without being shimmery. I like to use this first to add some warmth to my face, then do a light contour with Benefit Hoola. I have the shade Light and it is perfect for us fair skinned girls. It does come in one other shade that is darker called Bronzer. I also like that it isn’t orange, which is an issue I have with a lot of bronzers. Oopma Loompa is not a cute look on me. I would say the only down side is that I find this isn’t the longest wearing bronzer, but that’s ok with me!

IMG_3139 IMG_3140

Kat Von D Tattoo liner in Trooper – If there is one area of makeup that I completely stink at, it is using liquid liner, especially if I am trying to create a winged liner look. A couple years ago, I got a sample of this eyeliner and thought I’d try it, and it has made eyeliner so much easier for me! Instead of a felt tip, which I always had trouble with others starting to shed fibers, this one has a brush tip. I’ve never had an issue with any bristles separating and messing up my already hot mess of a wing. This liner comes in two colors, Trooper (black) and Mad Max Brown (the perfect chocolate brown). It is easy to work with, stays in place all day, and isn’t hard to remove at the end of the day. The one I currently have is a deluxe sample I got with my Sephora points, the actual one is bigger!


IMG_3158 IMG_3167 Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Bare Baby– This is also a deluxe sample that I got with my Sephora points. One of my all-time favorite lip glosses is Azalea from this same line, so I thought I would try another color. I love this gloss because it adds a nice peachy nude glossy tint to my lips and looks to pretty and natural. It has a vanilla flavor, is not the slightest bit sticky, and the shimmer in it is very subtle. I just can’t get enough of this gloss!

Bare Baby
Bare Baby
Bare Baby
Bare Baby

Treat Lip Balm – I ordered this lip balm a few months ago and have fallen in love with it! I have the flavor Marshmallow Cream, but they have a few others to choose from. I love this lip balm because it only has SIX ingredients in it, the first being coconut oil and all the ingredients are organic. I’m not particularly picky if something is organic or not, but I really like that it has simple, but good ingredients. I like to put this on before bedtime, but lately I’ve been keeping it in my purse because my lips have been dry and this really seems to be helping. Oh, and this tube of lip balm is HUGE! I think it’s around three times bigger than your average lip balm tube, so this should last forever!


And that’s it for the things I’ve been loving this month! What are some of your faves?