Eyeshadow Primers!

Hey everyone! We’re talking primers again today! In my primers post, I didn’t touch on eyeshadow primers. I view face and eyeshadow primers in two different lights. I said in my face primers post that as long as you exfoliate and moisturize before your makeup, you don’t necessarily need a primer. Well, if you wear eyeshadow, then I think that you do need a primer! I never wear eyeshadow without using a primer. Eyeshadow primers give your eyeshadow something to adhere to. This allows the shadow to stay in place longer, avoid creasing, and you can build up the shadow easier and it makes it show up more true to color. The good news is that there are many products you can use as primers and they come in all price ranges!


MAC Prolongwear Concealer in NW15
MAC Prolongwear Concealer in NW15

Concealers make great primers! They help cover any blood vessels or discoloration, which helps your eyeshadows appear truer to color. Not every concealer will work though. Avoid anything super creamy that takes a while to dry because it may cause creasing. One great option is the MAC Prolongwear Concealer. It can also be used under the eyes to conceal, highlighter, and as a lightweight foundation.

Eyeshadow Primers


I’ve used many, many, many primers over the years from a variety of brands. I’d have to say hands down my favorite is the Nars Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base. It doesn’t have any pigment to it, but a thin layer blended into the eyelid helps my eyeshadows stay put and it doesn’t feel greasy like I have found a lot of the primers to be. I also have eyelids that are a tad bit oily, so that doesn’t help. (The tube in the photo is a deluxe sample, the actual size is much bigger!)

Cream eyeshadows

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pots
Bare Study
Bare Study
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Beige

Cream eyeshadows are a great option to prime your eyes. I love the MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pots. I’ve used the shade Painterly for years (I’ve hit the bottom of my current one, I use it that much). It is matte and with a pink undertone. It covers any blood vessels on my eyelids and really keeps my eyeshadow in place. If you need a yellow toned one, try Soft Ochre. They also have shimmery ones, such as Bare Study, and various color options that you can pair with your eyeshadow look. Another awesome option are the Maybelline Color Tattoos. They have them in pots and stick forms and are around $7 each! They do a comparable job to the MAC Paint Pots and come in a ton of colors. I like Bad to the Bronze (shimmer), Tough as Taupe (shimmer), Barely Branded (metallic), and Creamy Beige (matte) in the pots. They do tend to dry up a tad bit faster than the MAC ones, but at their price point, that doesn’t bother me! I currently have the stick in the shade Barely Beige, and it’s a perfect dupe for the MAC one!

Top: MAC Bare Study Bottom: Maybelline Barely Beige
Top: MAC Bare Study
Bottom: Maybelline Barely Beige

And that’s it for eyeshadow primers! Do you have a favorite? Let me know!




Gems of the Drugstore: First Edition!

IMG_2914For the most part, my skincare and makeup tend to be on the higher end side. But there are times I stumble across a product that is amazing in quality and makes my wallet happy too. I like to refer to these at my Gems of the Drugstore. These are a variety of products that you can find at the drugstore, Target, Wal-Mart, or Ulta. I love these products so much that I’ve repurchased them time and time again and hesitate to try anything more expensive that’s similar to it because these products are just that good! I’m going to make this a series because if I put everything into one post, we’d be here all day! Let’s get started!
NYX Butter Gloss

Cotton Candy, Éclair, Crème Brulee
Cotton Candy, Éclair, Crème Brulee

I’ve owned many of these lip glosses over the years, and they’re amazing. They are a smooth, lightweight gloss that provide a sheer wash of color. They aren’t sticky and have a nice sweet scent and flavor, and they have so many shades that everyone will find a color that they’ll like. I currently have the shades Éclair, Cotton Candy, and Crème Brulee. I like how they work great by themselves or over a lipstick. Honestly, if was told I could only buy drugstore lip gloss for the rest of my life, as long as these are around, I’d be completely content (I still love my Buxom glosses though). I usually can find them at Ulta or Target. Best part? They’re around $5 each!!!  (And if you keep an eye out, they will go on sale at Ulta from time to time for buy one, get one half off!!)

Cotton Candy, Éclair, Crème Brulee
Cotton Candy, Éclair, Crème Brulee

Vaseline Lip Therapy

IMG_2936 (2)

I’m a bit of a lip balm junkie. I love trying new lip balms and like to keep them everywhere. A couple of years ago, I saw that Vaseline had some lip balms out and decided to try the rose one. I love anything rose and this did not disappoint. It has a pink tint which is nice for the days when you need to moisturize but want a little color. I recently purchased the aloe vera and original and like them both as well! They all have the texture of Vaseline, but slightly less greasy. They have a cocoa butter one as well. I love the vintage looking tins, and they are around less than $4 a piece!
Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Hand Cream


I am constantly washing my hands, so they tend to get pretty dry. I’ve tried many different brands of hand creams over the years, but most just didn’t work well for me. Then I tried this hand cream about three years ago and fell in love. It’s amazing. It is super moisturizing, absorbs quickly, isn’t greasy, and even lasts through a few hand washings. I have tubes of this everywhere! I don’t remember the exact price, but they’re less than $4 each!

Let me know if you’d like to see more of these posts and how often! (Monthly?) And let me know if you’ve discovered a Gem and want me to try it!


Primers. What do they do? Do I really need to use one?

Primers have many different jobs. There are primers that fill in fine lines and pores, moisturize and plump the skin, color correct, even skin tone, add radiance, mattify, and smooth and prep the skin for foundation and help foundation last longer. They come in gels, creams, oils, and sprays.

Do you really NEED to use a primer? No. I think that as long as you routinely exfoliate your skin and always moisturize before you apply foundation, you should be fine. I do think that if you have oily skin, a mattifying primer can definitely help control oil throughout the day.

Do I use primers? Yes, sometimes even two, because I’m excessive like that. I gravitate toward primers that fill in pores and any fine lines. My favorite for the past year is the Makeup For Ever Smoothing Primer. I’ve also used the Hourglass Veil Mineral PrimerBenefit Porefessional and Two Faced Primed and Poreless. They all are similar in texture, fill in pores, and leave my skin looking super smooth and ready for foundation. Although the MUFE is my favorite, you can’t go wrong with any of them. I’ve also tried the Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Pore Minimizing and found it was a little dryer in texture than the others, but would probably work for oily skin.

Everyone, meet my lemon! I applied some of my Makeup Forever Smoothing Primer to it so that you could see how it fills in the pores on the skin of the lemon. Pretty cool, huh?!

Ready for primer!
Ready for primer!
Makeup For Ever Smoothing Primer
Makeup For Ever Smoothing Primer

When I apply my primer, I use about three quarters of a pea sized amount (you can use as little or as much as you’d like) and dot it in the places I want the primer and then I press it into my skin. I don’t like to use too much of this primer because any excess tends to ball up on your skin as you work it in.  If you want to use more, just build it up in thin layers.  I like to press it into the skin instead of wiping it all over, pressing helps work it into my pores and make my skin look super smooth and ready for foundation.

Sometimes I also use a moisturizing primer to help plump up my skin if it needs just a little extra hydration without adding any greasiness. I like the Makeup For Ever Hydrating Primer. It’s designed for normal skin with some dryness.  If you have super dry skin, try the Nourishing Primer.

If you’re in the market for a primer, I’d start with the Makeup For Ever primers. They have a primer for everyone and every skin type, and the quality is amazing. They even have travel sized ones of a few of them in the Aisle of Doom at Sephora (you know, the aisle at the checkout that sucks you in with all the adorable travel sized items) for less than $20. One of those usually lasts me 3-4 months with daily use.

And that is the low down on primers!




My Momma’s Beauty Tips

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’d like to share some beauty tips that my mother has shared with me over the years. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen her leave the house without makeup, but she never needs much to look put together.

I still remember the day my mom sat me down and taught me how to properly apply makeup. She taught middle school students at the time and saw the end result of young girls starting out in makeup without any guidance and wanted to help me prevent some of the mistakes she saw on a daily basis.

“Take care of your skin. Always make sure to wash your face, moisturize, and use sunscreen.”

She got me started on a simple skincare routine when I was around 12 years old and stressed how important it was to care for your skin every single day.  At the time I didn’t understand the importance of a good skincare routine, but now I’m so glad she was looking out for me.

“Just because it is the current trend does not mean that it will be flattering on you.”

This has saved me many times!! When something is flattering on a fair skinned redhead, stick with it. And when it ain’t…. well go grab the makeup remover!

“Use makeup to enhance what you have. You don’t always need a ton of product to do that.”

If a little mascara and lip gloss make you feel good and bring out the features that you like on your face, that’s all you need!

“Don’t do a red lip and smoky eye together. Focusing on enhancing one feature on your face and keeping the rest toned down is the most flattering.”

Sometimes we get a little excited when we apply our makeup and think that more is better.  My mom was just trying to keep me from leaving the house looking like a clown.

“Don’t transform your face with so much makeup that when your new boyfriend finally sees you without makeup he doesn’t recognize you. He might feel disappointed.”

We love to present the “prettiest” side of ourselves to everyone, but most of the time, people are ok seeing us with minimal makeup and our hair in a ponytail. My mom also made a similar comment when I discovered the “add a cup” bra at Victoria’s Secret years ago. She told me not to get too carried away or my future husband was going to be in for a big surprise (or little….)!!!  I still laugh every time when I go bra shopping and think about this conversation!

“Beauty starts on the inside. No matter how pretty your face and/or makeup is, it’s more important to be beautiful on the inside.”

My mom told me I was beautiful when I was growing up, but most of the time she focused on teaching me about being good person, working hard, and being kind to others.

And that wraps it all up!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

Thanks to my mom for raising me to be a strong and independent woman and setting an example for me when I became a mom. Being a mom is truly the greatest gift in the world!  I hope everyone has a wonderful day, including a delicious meal and a long nap!

What is your favorite advice both beauty and non-beauty that your mom has shared with you?

How to Survive the Mombie Apocalypse

Did your baby wake up three times last night just because he missed you and needed you to give him his paci? Did your three year old come bouncing out of his bed at 5:30 AM, ready for some chocolate milk, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and early morning mayhem? Mine did.

I like to refer to myself as a “Mombie” on those days. I resemble one of the undead and feel like one too! We women don’t always get the rest we need, whether we were out late having fun with friends,cramming for an exam, or taking care of kids. Even though we may not feel well rested, we don’t have to look it. There is nothing worse than someone telling you that you look tired. Thanks, I know.

Here are my five tips to battle Mombie days. So grab your gallon of coffee and let’s get started!

1. Don’t skip the skincare– I recently discovered the Skyn Iceland Hydrafirming eye gels and love them. They’re cooling and help de-puff and firm your eye area! Definitely a nice treat when you need a little perking up! After you cleanse your skin, use a hydrating moisturizer and eye cream. I love this eye cream by First Aid Beauty. It has a pink tint to it, which covers dark circles, and I love the metal applicator. It’s always cold and helps combat the puffiness around my eyes. This product is great if you have less intense dark circles, you may not even need to use any concealer. Or you can always put your eye cream in the fridge! The chilled cream will feel nice when you apply it and will help wake up and de-puff your skin. Your favorite moisturizer will help plump up your skin and make it look healthy and glowy. Y’all know I love my Fresh moisturizers!

2. Hide the Dark Circles– Nothing perks up my face more than when I conceal my dark circles. This step is always top priority for me in my makeup routine. First, I use the Bobbi Brown corrector before I apply my foundation. Correctors are a pink or peach tone and are going to help cancel out the blue/purple tones in your dark circle. After my foundation is on, I apply the Makeup Forever Ultra HD concealer. And if I’m REALLY looking tired, I use the MAC Prep n Prime Highlighter in Radiant Rose too. Apply these products in a triangle shape under the eye and down the side of the nose and blend. By bringing the brighter color down your face, it will draw light to your face and make you look brighter and more awake. It’s a few steps, but it works! Make sure to set all this with powder to keep it locked in place and to prevent creasing.

3. Highlight– Never underestimate the power of highlighter! Adding highlighter to your face will reflect light and make you look glowy and awake. I like to highlight the inner corner of my eye, top of the cheek bones, below the brow bone and the Cupid’s Bow. If you only have time to highlight one area, go with the inner corner of the eye. You will look bright eyed and bushy tailed!
4. Avoid heavy, dark makeup– A smoky eye can make you look even more tired. Keep your makeup light and fresh! Go with a light shimmery lid (you can use a cream eyeshadow stick or just use your highlighter as an eyeshadow like I did for this look). Apply some lip balm or a pretty gloss. A pink or peach blush on your cheeks will add a healthy glow. Stick with a tinted moisturizer, BB cream, or light weight foundation.

5. Focus on the eye area – If you don’t have time to do a full face of makeup, focus on enhancing the eye area. I like to conceal the dark circles, apply a little mascara and then fill in my eyebrows. It only takes a couple minutes, but makes a huge impact!

And there ya go, all you need to go from “Mombie” to “I slept eight straight hours last night!”

(Oh, and most of this can be achieved while holding a crabby, teething baby. Just not applying mascara, it never ends well!)