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  • Ten Life Hacks for Busy Gals (1/24/2018) - Hey everyone! I’m switching gears in today’s post and talking about things I try to do and implement in my life to make things easier and save time. I’m a mom of two and some of these tips are definitely essential for surviving daily around here, but I think any of these tips can apply … Continue reading "Ten Life Hacks for Busy Gals"
  • How to Clean Your Hairbrush (1/24/2018) - So I’d like to start off by apologizing for how gross my hairbrush is. I usually don’t let it get THIS dirty, but I figured the before and after pictures would be more impressive that way. 😀 I think one thing we forget to clean routinely is our hairbrushes. I know mine can get pretty gross (as … Continue reading "How to Clean Your Hairbrush"